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So, hey! I Love Fashion and I'm soo romantic I'm still waiting for my true love :) Love music too I can play the piano and my biggest dream is to live In California o New York.

Anonymous said: are you still a student? if yes, what level are you now?

I was supossed to finish college this summer but I failed a subject so I finish next february

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2. September 2014


Aquarius- Humanitarian/Unemotional

Pieces- Imaginative/Over Sensative

Aries- Optimistic/Short Tempered

Taurus- Loyal/Self Indulgent

Gemini- Energetic/ Two Faced

Cancer- Maternal/Over Emotional

Leo- Friendly/Impulsive

Virgo- Gifted/ Over Self Critical

Libra- Balanced/Indecisive

Scorpio- Passionate/Moody

Sagittarius- Independent/Unemotional


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